LFD History

The Brights-Lewisburg Volunteer Fire Department was chartered by the state of Mississippi on December 8, 1976.The fire department was formed out of the need for structural and wildland fire protection. After receiving its charter, the Lewisburg Fire Department began to work to purchase equipment and establish itself.
Lewisburg Fire Department

Eddie Word was the department's first Fire Chief and was instrumental in creating the Lewisburg Fire District. Word was also one of the department's charter members along with Weilward French, Frank McCulley and Larry Dempsey. The department served the communities of Brights, Lewisburg, Cedarview, Cockrum, Stonewall and Pleasant Hill, as well as surrounding areas.

In 1977, department members began to pitch in and finish construction of a new concrete block building to house the fire department. This station was originally built to hold up to three firefighting vehicles and was located at 8771 Byhalia Road. The station was gradually expanded over the years to meet the needs of the department.

Four of the nine charter members of the department, meeting at Word's house decided to chip in and purchase the department's first piece of equipment. A 1941 Ford fire truck was purchased from a Boy Scout Troop in Memphis, it was the only piece of equipment used by the department for the first two years. In 1978, a 1963 International pumper was purchased from auction in Tunica. The third bay was occupied by a Ford pick-up truck built by department members as a "quick attack" vehicle.

The next decade showed many changes and a giant leap for the fire department. On June 5, 1986 the Desoto County Board of Supervisors officially created the Lewisburg Fire Protection District. This was the first step in helping the community achieve a lower insurance rating and lower insurance premiums. Shortly thereafter, on July 9, 1986 the Mississippi State Rating Bureau lowered the rating to 9 for properties covered in the Lewisburg Fire Protection district.

The Lewisburg Fire Department purchased a 1987 Chevrolet fire engine in 1989 to update the Department's equipment in order to receive a Class 8 insurance rating. Also in 1989, David Linville, the department's current chief replaced outgoing chief Eddie Word.

During the early years, the department had a unique alarming system. When a call was placed to the department, an answering machine would take the call and broadcast the call to firefighters via pagers. During the late 90's county wide dispatch replaced the old system. All emergency calls are now handled by the Desoto County Sheriff's office in the emergency operations dispatch center.

On January 15, 1996 a full-time ambulance service was based out of Lewisburg Fire Department. The new service covered a 120-mile area in the southeastern part of the county. This new service resulted in quicker response and better care for those living in unincorporated Desoto County. The station was expanded at the same time with two additional bays to accommodate the new ambulance.

1997 saw the addition of a new 1000 gallon E-One pumper called Engine 2, the department also received a $50,000 grant from the state of Mississippi to go toward paying for the truck. In 2005, the department purchased a new Pierce Rescue/ Pumper. Rescue 2 was placed into service in March of 2005 and was located on the North end of the fire district, operating out of the water association building near Hwy 305 and Woolsey. The new engine was purchased with a combination of grant money and the department's own funds. The department purchased its last apparatus in 2008, taking delivery of a new 2008 GMC light brush truck called Squad 2 used primarily for wildland firefighting.

Lewisburg Fire Department

The main Lewisburg Fire Station located at 8771 Byhalia Road received a major renovation in 2008. Part of the station was demolished and replaced with a new 4,450 square-foot structure with four large engine bays, a kitchen, a dayroom, restroom downstairs, and sleeping quarters for two EMS employees and up to six firefighters.

Lewisburg Fire Department

Lewisburg Fire Department

Effective June 2016, The Mississippi State Rating Bureau upgraded the Lewisburg Fire District from a Class 7 to a Class 6 rating. The rating has a direct bearing on the cost of property insurance for every building in the community. The upgrade was heavily influenced by water availability from the Lewisburg Water Association and by improved training and volunteer firefighter manning levels.

Currently the department has 2 pumpers, 1 light rescue truck, 1 light brush trucks, 1 ATV, 1 ambulance and 2 command vehicles operating out of two stations. The department provides fire and emergency services covering an area of nearly 50 square miles of eastern Desoto County. The Lewisburg fire department has a proud history and continues today to strive to provide the best service possible to the residents of Desoto County.